The Wheel Of Life 

28 July 2021

The wheel of life is an assessment tool so that, at any moment, we can take stock of what’s actually happening in our life. There are eight disparate areas of our life, and each area is ranked on a scale of one through ten, with ten being the highest level of fulfillment in that particular area be it, Career, Finance, Health, Family and Friends, Romance with Self or Others, Personal Growth, Fun and Recreation, or Physical Environment.


It’s more ecological to work on either the lowest ranking area or the area on your wheel of life where you’d like to see the most improvement. Once you give this single area your complete attention and focus, you’ll begin to see improvements not only in that area but in other categories as well. This is much more effective than tackling all of them at once in a general way. When there’s a sizable improvement in one area of the wheel of life, other areas will rise as well, as life is a constantly overlapping experience.


On the flip side, though not the norm, you might discover that when you work on the improvement of one area, it rises in an inverse manner to another area, or areas, which may go down. A client’s fulfillment in finances were at an all-time high because of the large amounts of overtime he was dedicating to his job.However, all seven of the other areas were plummeting in a sharp decline, including business, surprisingly, because his workaholic lifestyle wasn’t fulfilling to him in the least.


At the beginning of the coaching journey, I take clients through a series of questions through my online portal which will give you a quantifiable overview of what your real levels of satisfaction are in each area represented on the wheel of life.


Some things to consider in the area of business and career would be your level of satisfaction for their work-life balance, clients and colleagues, upskilling or business growth, and their daily on-the-job tasks. I work with a lot of successful overachievers who are desperate to work on their business or career because they are so driven to succeed. Their satisfaction level may always be just out of reach because they are constantly moving their bar for achieving fulfillment in this area.


“I believe success is being content and fulfilled with where I am right now, while still having aspirations for the future.”


Fine-tuning a limiting mindset helps my clients to step out from behind the long shadow of their fears, often resulting in massive internal shifts, which then drives external changes to finally reach the bar they’ve set for themselves with a sense of satisfaction.

What now? 

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