People-pleasing Tendencies 

29 April 2021

Do you have people-pleasing tendencies? I often find some of my clients who have these people-pleasing tendencies will say yes to things that they really want to say no to. 


Have you agreed to a lot this week, month or year? How is over-committing affecting you? What if you were able to work out a way to authentically and respectfully speak no so that you respect your boundaries? How much of a difference would that make for you in your life? 


For a lot of people, we say yes because it makes us feel good. It makes us feel like we're friendly people or that we're doing the right thing or we're helping others. But how often are you saying yes to people when you want to be saying no? And then having to dig your way out of it later on, wouldn't it just be better to say no in the first place? And if you were able to say this in a respectful and friendly way, what sort of difference would that make?


I often find that people come to me with people-pleasing tendencies. And they are very, very eager to help others, which is excellent, but they over-commit themselves. And then they become very overwhelmed at the thought of doing that task. They create more stress in their lives because then they have to try and get out of it. After all, they don't have the time. They don't have the energy, and they might not have the resources.


So whatever it is, if you could learn how to say no now, how would that help you in the future? A simple tool is to think and pause for a moment. If I don't want to do this in the future, do I want to do this now? Or if I don't want to do this now, do I want to do this in the future? And if the answer is no, perhaps you can come up with some keywords to respectfully decline the offer.


So if you're saying yes to too many things and wish you were saying no, this webinar on the power of no will be perfect for you. Learn about your beliefs around the word no and how you can leverage from that. I'll see you there.

What now?

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