About Freedom is Within

​"The way you gain “Freedom” can encompass a variety of paths - emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or even financial freedom.


I believe the way I did things in my life actually isn’t the way others ‘should’ do their life. Life does not follow a cookie-cutter approach. I am not here to push my personal ideologies onto others. I passionately work with clients where I encourage them to form their own path in the ways that are ecological and suitable for them. No one has walked in their shoes.


Subconsciously you know all the answers, even if you don’t think you do yet. I will help you uncover your innermost wisdom for success."


 Matilda is highly skilled in helping people shift old negative patterns and moving them towards what they want to achieve. Absolutely recommend her as a life coach. She is the consummate professional and really cares about helping people break through their limiting beliefs and behaviours.

David Fox

Psychologist & Published Author

 I have massively improved my relationship with myself, my partner and my business has been impacted and is gaining momentum. My life has been changed exponentially and for the better. I highly recommend Matilda for anyone who wants to improve their life and start being their best version.

Caitlin Hosking

Nutritionist & Coach

Freedom is Within Founding Director - Matilda Wand

Matilda competed in the 2017 Women’s World Cup for American Football in British Columbia and has been featured around the globe on numerous coaching podcasts  as a mentor for other coaches. She is also an ambassador in the global motorbiking community.

Matilda is currently a professional Firefighter with Fire & Rescue NSW. Previously, she spent nearly a decade in the mining industry between operational and management roles.

Matilda is an avid traveler and explorer, who loves all things outdoors. Just five months after giving birth to her first child, Matilda's first book was published; Freedom is Within - The Busy Professional's Toolkit for Self-Mastery & Courageous Living.

As freedom is a high priority, Matilda only works with five one-on-one VIP clients at any given time. This ensures each client has her utmost attention during the program. Her Personal Assistant provides care for her son from Monday-Thursday; so Matilda can balance her coaching sessions and her amazing life as a new mum.

Richard Seamark - Consultant Psychiatrist

The outcome for myself over a relatively short period of time has been transformative and the possibilities within the domain of relationships for me are now completely open and there are no longer the barriers that I was putting in place previously.

Karen Davey - Corporate Sustainability Manager

I would have said that I would never be ‘that person’ (who I longed to be!) who gets up at 5:30am to exercise, sets and achieves goals, and has more energy for personal relationships and planning fun than I ever did before (when I slept in!) but here I am doing it!

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Matilda Wand

Behavioural Strategist & Coach

"Book yourself in for a complimentary Assess Your Life Session using the calendar; where we will uncover what is going on for you, what the coaching process is and the steps to take you forward. 

Alternatively, contact me via phone +61422049711 or email matilda@freedomiswithin.com.au or fill out the contact form below."