Manifesting. Think Feel Do Become

17 July 2021

Though you may think otherwise, manifesting is not a mystery. People think it’s unexplainable, spiritual, woo-woo but in fact there’s science behind it. One well-documented and credible example is the Reticular Activating System, otherwise known as RAS. 


The RAS is the attention center in the brain. In layman’s terms, what you focus on is what you get. It’s the part of the brain that we deliberately program our subconscious to notice. We turn our attention ‘on’ and the RAS continually shows us confirmation and proof. 


If you believe your relationship is disintegrating, your RAS will be attuned to the ‘proof’ that it actually is. But if you choose to believe that your relationship is thriving, you are training your RAS to look for confirmation of this as well.


Have you ever noticed that when you’re buying a car, you’ll begin to see the car you want everywhere? It’s not because there are more of that vehicle’s model on the road, but because your reticular activating system has been fired up. You’ve turned on this part of your brain, so you’ve wired yourself to notice the car more; the subconscious pulls forth the relevant information into your conscious awareness.


How cool would it be if you could leverage the power of your RAS? Imagine setting yourself up for success in the domains of health, relationships, career, wealth and personal finance? Working with a coach will enable you to create tailored strategies for your individual success. Everybody’s internal map varies greatly, and there’s no cookie cutter approach because we all have unique thoughts and feelings due to our personal makeup and past experiences. The goal is to bring into awareness what previously only exists in the field of your subconscious. One on one coaching evokes new insights for the conscious level to explore.


This RAS phenomenon at work was conducted in an experiment involving a fifty dollar note at a restaurant setting. There were three groups, one of which was a control group. The other two considered themselves either very lucky or chronically unlucky.


All were dining in a restaurant, not knowing what the aims of the experiment were. Fifty-dollar notes were sprinkled on the floor. Eight out of ten people who found the notes were from the lucky group. Their RAS was already programmed for their subconscious mind to notice lucky things in the external environment.


They were highly receptive, even to the degree of noticing minute things in their peripheral vision, which they considered a lucky find. On the contrary, those who considered themselves unlucky deleted, distorted, and generalised the sighting of the note, creating an actual blind spot that reinforced their deeply held belief that they are unlucky. 


Try running a simple experiment of your own in your workplace by starting to see how you yourself can activate your RAS in order to set yourself up for success in a professional goal like getting a promotion. 


Firstly, take responsibility and adapt the way you think and feel. Open your mind to what the person who ultimately receives the promotion would be thinking. How would they be feeling? What would they be saying to themselves? How would they be walking and talking? What are some of the things they might be doing? When you ask yourself these questions, your external behaviour will be better aligned as a result, putting you in an optimised position to now notice more opportunities that you were never even aware of before.

What now? 

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