14 April  2021

Have you ever considered why some individuals are incredibly successful? It seems like they have a hidden talent for being able to quickly manifest success in their lives. What is it about them that makes this possible, and how are they doing this? 


One common denominator between all successful people that’s for certain is that their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours are in alignment with what they are achieving. While they, like everyone else, all began at the same starting line, they’ve developed  conscious and subconscious techniques and strategies that successful individuals use consistently to achieve great results. 


If you want to bring about similar results, you can start with a simple NLP technique known as modelling. This is, as the name suggests, modelling someone who has already obtained the success you would like to have in your own life.

Whether it’s a leadership position, success in business, amazing health, or athletic prowess, models who inspire you can be found everywhere. 


Many of my clients desire to be better spoken in their professional positions and yearn to be recognised for their leadership potential. Who in your work space has already achieved this level of professionalism that you would like to model? Take note of observable details such as their body language and choice of dress. How do they speak and carry themselves? How do they set themselves apart? 


Going a little bit deeper, what are the key differences between yourself and them, and what can you do to bridge the gap? Do they exude confidence walking with their head held high, and are their shoes always polished? Are they always early to meetings?  How do they speak to their team on a day to day basis? Are they approachable with a warm and friendly smile?


Finally, construct what you imagine they’re saying to themselves on a regular basis, and how they feel upon waking each day. Harnessing the answers to the above questions, what would you now like to weave into your own life?


If you find yourself struggling to model their beliefs and behaviours, an intentional  conversation with them could propel you so much further than just observing passively from a distance, so engage courageously. More often than not, people are more than willing, and even flattered, to share how they’ve achieved and amassed their success.  What might you gain from a simple conversation with that person? Your future self will thank you!


Use the conversation as an opportunity to gather information whilst also observing how your model embodies their soft skills. For instance, many great communicators will take a momentary pause to construct a thoughtful response before replying to you. Reflect on how your own habitual patterns might be currently failing you. Your knee-jerk reaction may be that when someone has finished their sentence, you habitually answer them straight away without pause or thought to what you are actually saying. 


Increased awareness of this autonomic pattern might be a breakthrough moment to now allow you to choose a different way to respond. Change will most likely feel awkward at first, as it's a new behaviour, but with practice it will get much easier and will eventually become your new norm. 


While modelling, it’s important to hold onto your own sense of self, so that you can integrate what’s modelled uniquely into your own success without losing the parts of yourself that are vital to your identity. You want to hold onto all those parts of yourself that are serving your greater sense of purpose.

What now?

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