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6 April 2020

Have you ever felt like people around you don’t take you seriously? Perhaps you feel disempowered or like you’re just not getting anywhere. These negative thoughts and emotions that you can’t seem to change are so consuming. They take up so much energy.

Maybe your experiencing negative thoughts/feelings on a day to day basis like being frustrated at heavy traffic, annoyed at coworkers, maybe you feel fat or like you’re just not good enough. You might Spend your time scrolling on social media, never really feel satisfied or happy about the things you watch and share. You might feel like there’s not enough time to put yourself first so your self love suffers and all this ‘shit’ repeats like ground hog day, over and over.

Do you know what would have to happen in order for you to break this cycle? Literally break the habit of being yourself?

How would it feel to be that person in the room who holds themselves because they’re in charge of their lives. The person that’s not worried, they don’t sweat the small stuff, they’re composed, calm and sure of themselves. The person who is settled within themselves. They are in alignment. They exude confidence, smile and are warm.


What would change for you if the above was your experience of every day life? Not just a one off but on a daily basis. If you woke up knowing that you were going to enjoy your day? Felt good in your body for how it is right in this moment; not when you’ve lost 5kgs. If you smiled at the traffic, enjoyed the coworkers differences even when their beliefs don’t match yours and because you feel content you don’t feel the need to scroll when you’re sitting at the traffic lights or on your break at work. You know you have the same amount of time in each day but it doesn’t consume you like it did before because you are only concerned with things that are inside your circle of influence.

This isn’t some bs #positivevibes movement...

It’s not about pretending to be happy or #fakeittilyoumakeit. It’s rewriting the programming of your habitual self. The part of the brain that we use the most but have very little conscious awareness of how or what we are doing to get to this point in our lives. The subconscious mind holds over 96% of what we do, down to how we perceive things, feel and act on a day to day basis. It’s been wired into us from early in our lives, some say before the age of 7. So yes, that means we decide or ‘come to know’ different values and subconscious rules by the age of 7 and unless we continue to learn, grow and evolve we stay stuck in our 7 years olds belief systems. Whaaaat?!

You will change some beliefs over time, through significant happy or traumatic events but unless you decide consciously to rewire these neural pathways then you might as well sit back and wait a hell of a long time because its going to take that long time for beliefs to change without conscious effort. Beliefs come down to our gut brain. It’s the things we ‘know’. Like really believe, not just have a conscious awareness of. An example would be that I always felt I was fat even though consciously I could see that I was not. I fully believed down to the core of my being that I was overweight and this consumed a lot of my energy as I was living out of alignment with this conflicting belief and knowledge

Redesigning the way you live your life has never been so fun and empowering too. I’ve helped countless people on their journey to alignment. Whatever that means to them. Coaching them on how to transform their internal worlds, rewire their brains and integrate their head, heart and gut. There’s a few parts to moving forward and making the changes you want. 

Firstly there’s knowledge to be shared and practical actions to be put into place. Then there’s therapies and processes that assist the subconscious & conscious in continuing to implement these knew changes. Then you fully embody the feelings, perceptions and wisdom so that it becomes a new belief inside of your core being.

The gift I share will lead you closer to living more authentically. Let’s create the life you want to live, to do the things you want to do, to be the person you want to be, to have the things that you want to have. 

Everyone’s journey is unique because no other person has walked in your shoes. The journey is not about me or my journey, it’s all about you, what you want, what you believe and who you want to become. 

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