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Create Your Perefect Morning

21  August  2021

What’s the very first thing you’d be doing each morning, if it was a perfect start?  How would you recreate your morning routine if you want to change the future given the premise that you can. . . 


My morning routine was once a morning rush; I was wrapped up, like most people, in a get up and go mindset which consisted of compulsively reaching for my phone and scrolling through emails, headlines, and social media posts at the first sound of the alarm. From the very first hour of my day, I was already digitally plugged into the external world but internally, I was completely out of sync with my morning needs as my attention was diverted elsewhere.  


Everyday was Groundhog Day, just like the morning before, as I took no action to incorporate anything nourishing. I soon found how ineffectual this was, and a realisation that I didn’t need to endure the same banality morning after morning. It’s then I decided to makeover my morning routine.


My updated morning routine now enables me to be fully attuned with my body and myself. I wake up and I smile. Then I stretch my legs and my arms and I give my husband a hug or a kiss, and think today is going to be a great day. This autonomic response sets me up for a physically and emotionally positive day ahead. I only use my phone now for a guided mindfulness practice like yoga or meditation which extends this precious time in my morning to be more in touch with myself, my desires, and how I feel.


This routine enables me to start each day in a fulfilling way replenishing my cup with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional sustenance. When faced with challenges throughout the day, it’s now much easier for me to maintain equilibrium because my cup doesn’t run dry.


Things you could incorporate into your morning routine: 

  • Leave your phone in the next room before you go to bed. 
  • Mindfulness (breathing exercises or yoga).
  • Journal.
  • Eat nourishing food. 
  • Try getting up earlier to make time for yourself. 
  • Reading. 

You don’t have to do everything on the list. Instead, pick a couple of things. Even if it’s to leave your phone in the next room, then you won’t be scrolling on your phone when you first get up. Or make a goal to eat something that’s going to make you feel productive for the day. I believe it’s about small incremental changes that make all the difference. Make simple shifts that will help you become the best version of you!

What now? 

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