3rd May 2021

Some of us live in a constant fight or flight response mode, whether that’s stress from work, relationships, mental health or overthinking. Our bodies are physically responding to our thoughts of panic; what if this happens? How will I cope, or what will I do? What’s the outcome? Heart rates increase; you might get jittery or can’t seem to focus. There must be a better way to live? Right? Meditation is a natural resource that is easily accessible to help combat these overwhelming thoughts and emotions. 


When you think about meditation - what comes to mind? It’s safe to say the stigma of meditation has dramatically changed over the years. We can finally understand the science and research behind it. Meditation has turned into a daily practice for millions of people around the world. 


Research suggests that meditation increases serotonin levels and regulates dopamine levels. When you control your mood with meditation, your quality of life and relationships could naturally improve as a result. 


Focusing on breathing and taking time for yourself each day could reduce stress, create more focus and clear your mind. It’s countlessly renowned for decreasing anxiety, depression and regulating sleep. Implement consistent meditation practices into your daily routine to see the full results. 


As a beginner, you might want to start with guided meditation; there are multiple apps, youtube channels, and websites to begin your journey. 


  1. Find a quiet & comfortable place 

  2. Distraction free zone

  3. Get in a comfortable position - lying down or sitting

  4. Clear your mind 

  5. Focus on your breathing 

  6. Close your eyes 


Start with ten minutes a day, a time that fits in with your lifestyle. Meditation has no boundaries. For example, you can do it in your car, get out in nature or have a dedicated spot for your daily ritual. The more you practice, the easier it will become to sit in silence or listen to a guided meditation track for longer. The positive impacts of meditation will either be instant or will be slow, gradual changes over time. Everyone’s journey will be different, and people will get different results and outcomes.  


A great way to start your meditation journey is by going on retreats or joining guided meditation classes. Meditating in nature is a whole experience; getting immersed in the fresh air and the foliage around you creates a new essence of calm.

What now?

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