Choosing Happiness

14 April 2021

Did you know that happiness is a choice? 


When I found this out, I was triggered as hell. I was like, what do you mean? It's a choice to be happy, and things have happened to me in my life. You know, I've been through trauma and ups and downs, and I felt like I deserve to be unhappy, but that wasn't really what I wanted. 


Was it? Of course, I wanted to be happy. I didn't realise that I can make this my choice by learning some simple tools and strategies to overcome this. I was able to enter the 2% mindset where I felt amazing. I was choosing to be happy every day. I was rewiring my neural pathways to make sure that I woke up and felt damn good about everything That was going on in my life. It took a little practice, yes and now that I'm here, it's a fantastic spot.

What now?

So join me in a webinar coming up soon on the 2% mindset where you will explore how you can do this for yourself.

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