Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset 

17  May 2021

Did you know that your brain is malleable? You can make a change, learn and grow. There's been a lot of science behind how much the brain develops within the first few years of life. And in the past, people have thought that the brain is fixed, so you can't learn new skills, improve the brain's capacity. 


Fixed Mindset 


Once you get to a certain age or a specific place in your development, it just stops. This holds place for the rigid mindset. And so often, I see people that come in to see me, and they get stuck in their ways, and they're so strict in that, and it's not their fault, it's just how we've been taught by, you know, our life experiences. And when we have this belief that things can't change, it'll always be this way, and we get stuck in that fixed mindset. 



"Failure is the limit of my abilities."

"I'm either good at it or I'm not."

"My abilities are unchanging."

"I can either do it or not."

"I don't like to be challenged."

"My potential is predetermined."

"When I am frustrated, I give up"


Growth Mindset 


When we have a growth mindset, we believe that any change is possible; we know and understand that we can grow and adapt. When we come from that place, it is truly empowering because it means that there are so many more opportunities for personal development, for life, for career, for finances, for anything that comes up in your life. So if you were to change one thing that you have a fixed belief or opinion on to something of a growth mindset, what would that be? 



“Failure is an opportunity for growth"

"I can learn anything I want."

"Challenges help me grow."

"My effort and attitude determine my abilities."

"Feedback is constructive."

"I am inspired by the success of others."

"I like to try new things” 


Recently, I posted about failing. So, I had someone reach out to me and say - I needed to see that post due to a fixed mindset around failure. But, then realising that it was just the first attempt in learning and you can make progress, make some change, mix things up, take action, and they've realised that this perceived failure is just an opportunity for growth. So, what is something that you have a fixed mindset about and what could you make some changes so that you end up having a growth mindset?

What now?

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